December 20, 2009

Let's fill up the tummy

This morning I had some delicious, freshly squeezed by yours truly orange juice. When I went home a couple weeks ago I went out with my mom to pick a ton of oranges. They have lasted my sister and I about a month. We just hit the end of the bag this morning. Good thing I'm headed home in a couple days. Time to re-stock!

After work and going to the beach to take pictures of the sunset, I came home to scrub ten pounds of tar off my feet  make dinner. On the menu was a very simple salad and a green SUPERfood smoothie.

The smoothie was the same one as this green SUPERfood smoothie .

I was still a bit hungry after the smoothie so I used some of the things I bought from Trader Joes and the Farmers Market. I would have made the salad a bit fancier by adding some almonds and flax seed but I already had them earlier in the day and didn't want to overload. So the salad was just black beans, tomatoes, carrots and a simple dressing. It was easy, tasted good and filled me upLots of green food tonight for dinner.

Ta Ta for now!

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