December 20, 2009

In the Noggin

I've been visiting Borders a little too much. I say that because everytime I go, I end up buying things (but i do use coupons, 30-40% off to be exact). It's very relaxing to grab a magazine or book and lounge on the couches and read for a while.

Eatsmart, Eatraw is a great book with a ton of recipes. It's a good intro book into the raw world and kate wood makes it easy to read and the recipes she creates sound great. Superfoods by David Wolfe is a MUST HAVE. Any and every vegan/raw foodist could use this book. It explains the top superfoods in detail, tells about the nutrients that they all have and then gives recipes on each superfood. I love the way the book is organized. It lists one superfood, explains it, and then follows up with recipes.

There are also a couple climbing videos in the picture above. I actually won two of them at the Reel Rock Film Tour. By volunteering to help with the tour buying a ticket you get a chance to win some prizes. Northface jackets, videos, and more clothes were up for grabs. I was so excited when my number was called out! Even better, when I came home to watch the video, inside was a free year subscription to Climbing magazine! Could not get any better! But it did!!!! Just the other day I got the mail and a free climbing video was sent to me. That's the video to the left of David Wolfe's book. I haven't watched it yet but I will be soon.

King Lines is a must see! Chris Sharma is absolutely gorgeous an amazingly talented climber. Check out the trailer to King Lines.

On the ipod today is:
ARTIST: Fiona Apple 
ALBUM: Tidal

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Andrea said...

Thanks for the info about the books. I need more books about raw foods!