December 19, 2009


So not only did I give my blog a complete make-over but I got a new make-over as well! My sister took me to a salon to get my hair colored and cut for my christmas present. It's darker now and has layers. I feel it's pretty dark but people have commented on it, they like it, and they say it makes my eyes pop! So I will take that.

But now for the exciting part! I re-vamped my entire blog. It was boring and plain before and it needed a make-over. My sister helped me out with the title, Muddy Footsteps.

There were a couple reasons why this title fit so well:
  1. I love the outdoors
  2. Rock climbing, rafting, hiking are some of my favorite things and those can leave you pretty dirty and sometimes muddy
  3. Footsteps--> I'm traveling the world one step at a time
  4. This blog is a journal of my day to day life and it lets you guys follow in my footsteps!
So there you have it! The reasons why this title fits so well. Organic/Raw/Vegan living and cooking isn't always a clean process. When you're working in the garden it can get messy but that's always the fun in it!

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