January 7, 2010


Time for changes, resolutions, gym memberships has come. I don't know if it's just me but I feel like this year went by so fast, especially the holiday season. You know christmas is over when the holiday cups at starbucks are gone. I went in to work the other day and we're back to old fashion white cups.
I hope everyone had a fun and safe christmas and new years. For new years my dad, sister and I went to the desert with some old friends. We haven't seen them in yearrrrs so it was really good to see them again.

My dad took the RV and left early and my sister and I lagged behind. We took the jeep and left a couple hours later. On the way there it was misting a bit and the clouds were coming in. We got to the campground and it was really cloudy and cold out. We all made sure to bundle up that night.

Jim was saying that when you hang out with people you haven't seen in a long time normally it's really akward with short answers and weird questions. He said that it's not like that with us. It's back to normal and we just live in the moment. The week ranged from off roading, sitting next to the fire, yahtzee, dancing, drinking, jacuzz'ing', hiking, bike riding, golf, relaxing, and all sorts of other fun things.

Drunken fiasco of a night!

precious little angel taking a nap

And on to another fiasco of a night!
New Years 2010!

Jim and Laura won the jumbo raffle! A huge jager cooler filled to the gills with all sorts of jager attire. Jim was sporting the jager thongs later in the night.

Haha. The boys were calling it a night early so they wouldn't be too sleepy for golf the next morning.

Happy New Year!

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