November 10, 2009

Breakfast with an antioxidant burst

This morning I would up with an empty belly and a desire to kick start today with a good meal. I went to the kitchen and drank a large glass of water. I do it every morning before I do anything else. Next was breakfast. I worked yesterday at starbucks so before I leave I got my partner beverage as a venti cup of soy milk. Why not use my partner bev as milk instead of buying it at the store, good idea, huh? :) Anyways, I had oatmeal yesterday and wanted a change. Well not the biggest change none the least.

Granonla with an antioxidant punch

Soy milk
Honey ( I know, not vegan)
Flax seeds
Dry roasted almonds
Pomegranate seeds
Duh, put in a bowl and eat up! :D

I would recommend eating it in a watermelon bowl :D

So I just wanted to share this delicious meal with you guys. Try it out sometime. An easy and yummy breakfast with lots of healthy benefits in it.

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