November 6, 2009

Tofu Challenge

So I'm not too convinced on tofu yet. I'm trying different ways of making it to make it tastier. The first time I sauteed it with some seasonings. I liked the texture but the taste not so much. This time I decided to marinade it for about an hour first to let the flavor absorb in the tofu.

I used an Asian Sesame marinade. After about 2 hours of marinading, I broiled the tofu in the oven. I like most of my food extra crispy/crunchy so I left it in there for a little bit of time. It was about 12 minutes on each side. Maybe a little longer. In 350 degree temp. Once they were done, I added them to a quick salad. I'm going to the farmers market tomorrow morning so I'm mostly out of veggies. The ones I had left I threw in the salad. Red pepper, brocolli, lettuce (duh), dry roasted almonds, and the tofu topped with a basil vinagrette.

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