December 22, 2009

Morning with Java

Yet again I begin work at 5 this morning. I really only open at the store, which is a good and a bad thing. BAD: obviously, you must be up at the crack of dawn GOOD: you are off early and have the whole day left! Plus, when I walk out to my car to leave for work, I get to see the stars! I see the big dipper every morning!
Today I was off early. I was supposed to be off earlier than expected but there was a huge rush of tired folks so I stayed to help clear them all out satisfy their needs and give them their morning java with a smile :)
I was not tired for work this morning and had a lot of energy but as soon as I came home, turned on the heater and laid down on the couch I knew a nap was headed my way. An hour later my sister wakes me up so I can take her to the train station. Oh man, I was so sleepy and did not want to get up at all! But I did, because I love her. So now I'm back on the couch. Haha. Well, I'm alowed to! I worked already this morning, nobody is left in town and I have nothing else I need to be doing today.

Hmm, food for thought. Well, like usual, today I had my yummy mug of oatmeal. I'm still surprised everyday about how good it tastes. I think making it with the soy milk enhances the flavors so much! The kodak picture is of me and three of my amazing co-workers! Me, Kittrina, Adrianna, and Jackie! Such sweet, fun girls to work with.

To balance out my green starbucks apron, I made myself a delicious green smoothie. I added a little more H20 this time so I could end up with a larger finish product :) The mason jar drinking mug was a little frosted over but it added to the drink. Gave it a frosty, cold effect!

Post-green smoothie and train station I came home and made some popcorn! I love popcorn. It's simple, cheap and so easy to make. I use to make it all the time and my friends were so shocked that you can make popcorn without a microwave and with store bought bags. Yes, let's jump back a few years when we had no microwaves. My sister and I make popcorn all the time in our dutch oven. And yes, those are cozy christmas pj's I am wearing. It's a ritual every year for christmas that my sister and i get pj's! My mom moved from getting me bunny pajamas (haha) to top and bottom pj's to just bottom ones. We wear those more often.

On the ipod today is:
ARTIST: Kings of Leon


Diana said...

Bless you for the good work you do with coffee. :)

PS I read your tips from an older post and am totally ordering my next chai w/o water! Great idea--thanks!

Anonymous said...

Tough schedule! Kudos for balancing it out so well though with such healthy eats, it all looks so good. :)

Happy holidays!